Making Hope Possible.

Hope Initiatives CDC is a faith-based non-profit social enterprise, chartered in 2002.  Adapted in April 2010, our mission is: To help restore lives damaged by incarceration, addictions, and poverty, through employment, job skill training, spiritual guidance, encouragement and hope.  We operate multiple businesses to fulfill our social mission.  We are a seamless integration of business as mission. 

Our mantra is “Hope Works”.  We believe that a job is the most fundamental non-spiritual need of a person.  With a job comes food, shelter, medicine, and education. Employment brings value and identity. Our mission confronts social problems to reduce poverty, revitalize low income communities, and empower individuals and families to become more fully self-sufficient. Through our businesses we create an environment where impoverished citizens can experience new skills and opportunities that equip them to add value to society, thus transforming receivers into givers.  As a faith-based organization we encourage biblical study and discipline as a foundation from which decision-making that enables and sustains transformation can happen. 

Our businesses include Hope moving and storage, Hope Woodworks furniture manufacturing, and home rehabilitation services.  We operate our businesses as an on-the-job training ground for individuals who are seeking or required to develop new work skills and discipline.  A forerunner among a growing number of companies willing to hire individuals despite criminal or other backgrounds, Hope Initiatives looks first to our target population when job opportunities become available. For those we cannot hire we assist with employment readiness and references as appropriate.  Click here for a brief tour of our environment. 

We believe that a job is the most fundamental non-spiritual need of a person.
— Dale Sedgwick